Makoto Ishiwata – from Japan – Georgetown Graduate

Dear Dr. Alatis,

I can never forget the many things you taught me. You were always kind, gentle, friendly, humble, and humorous and taught me what is important as a human.

I can never forget the many scenes of my earlier encounters with you when I was in Georgetown in the late ‘80s. I can still remember you being so active, vital, and energetic both in the class and in the office.

I can never forget the many happy emotions I experienced whenever I had a chance to talk to you during the annual TESOL convention in the last four years. I am deeply sorry that I won’t be able to feel the joy this year; it was just 20 days away.

I will always remember you and make efforts to help people to be happier by learning English.

You will always remain in my heart, Dr. Alatis.
May you rest in peace.

Makoto Ishiwata from Japan

Makoto Ishiwata – March 05 at 11:38 AM

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